Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five

  1. An awesome charity auction is taking place over at It's to celebrate the publication of Carrie Harris's YA zombie book, BAD TASTE IN BOYS, and will benefit the Giving Library at Mott Children's Hospital. There are dozens of items up for bid - signed books, critiques, and ARCs! Go Carrie!
  2. Now that Borders is officially extinct, it's just one less place where book-loving peeps can hang out, skim the shelves, indulge their coffee addictions, and interact with live humans. My local Borders closed four months ago. With this week's news, I'm starting the grieving process all over again.
  3. I love summer fruit! Especially farmer's market-fresh stuff: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. It makes me want to write fruit stories.
  4. Had lunch with a writer friend/critique partner to plan a fall program and activities for the local SCBWI network. Excited about the possibilities!
  5. My WIP is slow-going. I did manage to make my word count goal last weekend, but this week...well, not so much. I blame the heat.  Did you accomplish your writing goals for the week?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good to meet you. I was network coordinator for my SCBWI group here and loved it. But I'm moving to AZ soon, so I had to pass the baton.

    live in berry land and have all those fun things growing in my yard. Lots of birds, too, if you know what I mean.

    Best wishes for your WIP this week. I'm still rolling along at 3500 words per week. A comfortable pace.

  2. Hi Angelina! Nice to meet you too! 3500 words/week does seem like a doable pace. When I was working on my last manuscript, I made 1500 words/day my goal. I managed to get a 50,000 word first draft done, but it almost killed me. That's probably why I'm lagging this time (the memory is still painfully fresh!).


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