Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Five - A Day Late

  1. It's been a week full of Mondays, hence the late Friday Five post.
  2. My son and I took part in a Humane Society outreach event last night. We brought Lucky, a five-year-old lab mix to the local minor league ballpark for some face time with potential adoptive families. She especially touched my heart since she was brought in with her brother, Jack, and he was recently adopted. I hope she finds her own home soon.
  3. A tornado touched down outside of town this past Monday. I missed it as I was 20 miles away at the time, and got home as the sun pushed through some ominous-looking clouds still hanging around. I've always wanted to see a funnel cloud. From a great distance, that is.
  4. I've put on 250+ miles this week driving my two boys to and from practices for three teams. 
  5. My co-network representative and I finalized plans for a hands-on workshop in October with Paula Morrow, editor, author, book reviewer and instructor for the Institute of Children's Literature. She'll be leading attendees with polished manuscripts through the submission process. Excited!
                                                                                                         Happy writing!


  1. You had a much more exciting week than I did. Took me four days in bed to recover from SCBWI LA. Not complaining, but sheesh. Way overstimulating. Hope that sweet little lab finds a home soon.

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean about having a week full of Mondays. I kind of feel like this whole summer has been one big Monday. :-) We have a lab mix at home that we adopted when she was five, so I'm hoping Lucky will find a home soon!

  3. Sounds like a hectic week, Dawn. Hope you can catch your breathe over the weekend!

  4. Wow, Angelina, that must have been some conference! I remember been pretty wired after I got back in 2008, too.

  5. Hi Dawn, I want to let you know that Out on a Limb, Shy Writer Goes Social has presented you with a Liebster award.


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