Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Five

  1. My family and I visited LeClaire, Iowa last weekend, home to History Channel's American Pickers. Their store, Antique Archeology, is tucked away inside an old two-story fabrication shop. You'll miss it if you're not expecting to find it in the alley of a hillside residential neighborhood.  We saw a TON of cool things! My son begged for the klaxton horn (ah-WOOO-ga!). I was partial to the 12-foot tall fiberglass cowboy boot. This place was full of story ideas!
  2. I'm continuing the contest for Heather Seller's Chapter After Chapter book. It's one of my favorite writing books. To get your name in the giveaway, just leave a comment or follow me. I'll announce the winner at the end of this month.  
  3. The WIP is moving forward thanks to early morning baseball practice. My son's team meets six days a week now that the season is underway. It's too far away to drop him off and go back home for only two hours, so I bring the laptop to the nearest cafe and write away.
  4. I've counted THREE peaches on the tree I planted two years ago. They're almost ready! This is even more exciting than the two blueberries I harvested in June. Do three peaches equal even half a pie?
  5. More back-and-forth regarding Traditional Books vs. E-versions. Here's an article from the Chicago Tribune this week, urging traditional publishers to 'fight back' with their own advertising gimmicks, similar to the commercials promoting Kindle. Personally, I'm tired of hearing that paper books are on their way out. There's room for both formats, and stories will continue to reach readers. Isn't that the whole idea?


  1. Congrats on your WIP. Keep it going!

  2. 1. I'm with your son, the horn sounds like so much fun.
    2. I love Heather Sellers' Page after Page, don't know how I've managed to miss her Chapter after Chapter.
    3. Yay for baseball practice. For me it's doctors' waiting rooms with my mother.
    4. Three peaches - that's exciting. We have a plum tree that hasn't produced anything this year, however I still remember the year it had so much fruit that my father would stop over on his way home from work and fill his cooler. Oh, and the neighborhood kids liked to throw them :(
    5. I agree, there's room for traditional books and ebooks. Enough with the debating already.

  3. Inluvwithwords: I loved PAP, so I was excited when CAC came out. It's even better!

  4. Yay for your peach tree! May the peaches keep on coming! I also agree that both e-books and print books are here to stay and that there's room for both.

  5. Friday five! What a nice theme for a blog post. I wonder if you'd mind other bloggers borrowing it? Like Marcia, I especially liked reading about your peach tree. I think three peaches is a very respectable harvest, actually, and I'm sure you can make something utterly delicious with them!

  6. Anna, I don't mind at all since I've borrowed it myself! Thanks for stopping by!


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