Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Writing Places

When I was a kid, my grandpa built me a tree house in the silver-leaf poplar in the backyard. A bench big enough for my sister and me sat against the back wall, and a curtain hung over the door. There wasn't a roof, so I could stand and see over the wall. He had also fastened a tire swing to the largest tree limb with heavy-duty chain link. When I didn't feel like climbing down the ladder, I'd opt instead to shimmy across that limb and monkey down the rusty chain, turning my hands orange in the process.

The tree house was my earliest writing place. I'd bring my spiral notebook up there and my special pen with  its four interchangeable colors. I could press a button and click!  Red. click! Blue. click! Green. click click! Back to red, my favorite. I'd stay up there for hours, writing, doodling, and dreaming until my sister found me. Later, my grandma typed my tree house tales on her manual typewriter while I dictated. I still have most of my stories, thanks to my sister for hanging onto them.
My tree house wasn't quite like this one!
It looked more like this.

Sometimes I wish I still had a tree house for writing. Where is your ideal place to write?


  1. Wow, that tree house on the left is amazing! And I remember those pens with the different colors. I don't really have a writing room. I write from my living room couch most of the time. I'll retreat to somewhere else if there's activity going on in the living room, but I mostly write during my daughter's (and husband's) nap time.

  2. Dawn, it sounds like your treehouse was awesome. I always wanted one. I never really had a writing spot growing up; I just always carried a notebook with me wherever I went. Today I have my own desk in a home office I share with my husband. I still have all of my old stories too (safely tucked away under my bed.)

  3. Khashway: Isn't nap time the best?! I remember those days (my kids are teens now), but they were never quite long enough.
    Inluvwithwords: I share with my husband, too. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it doesn't - lol!

  4. You took me back with the 4-color pen reference--I loved those too! I remember having one with something like a dozen colors which I thought was so cool until I tried to write with it and it was too thick to hold to really write well.

    Your treehouse memories made me think of Roseanne Parry, she really does write in a treehouse now! http://writerjenn.blogspot.com/2010/07/peek-at-creative-space-of-rosanne-parry.html

    I don't know if I have an ideal place to write, but I do love to write on a rainy or snowy day in a clean and orderly room.

  5. Jenn: Wow - 12 colors!! I love revising with colored pens, but a pen that big might give me writer's cramp. Thanks for the link; I'm going to check out her tree house right now!

  6. I'd say that tree house would be a perfect place to write. I'm already considering how that perspective would shift my word choice. My favorite place is in my garden next to the pond. That always makes stories come easily.

  7. Cleemckenzie: It's nice to meet you! Paying attention to the places that make us happy is underestimated when it comes to writing time, I think. Most people set up shop where it's convenient (empty room or corner, for example). The garden sounds especially nice. That's why coffee shops work for me, too!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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