Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the Winner is...

     I've mentioned Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers off and on since I started blogging in July because, well, it's a fabulous book. I read it cover to cover on a 14-hour train ride to Denver a few years ago, and have since gone back to it when I need a pep talk. Yellow Post-It tags mark a handful of my favorite chapters like Chapter 8 on 'Positioning', mapping out your writing strategy for the next day. Or Chapter 19 on 'Taking Baby Along: How to Travel with a Book-in-Progress'. 
     And since all fabulous books should be shared, I chose one winner (using the 'ol high-tech, name-in-the-hat strategy) from among the dozens of followers and countless people who have commented here during the last month and a half. Thank you to everyone who has shared your thoughts at Here's the Story. I appreciate every one of you!
     So, the winner of Chapter After Chapter is *drumroll*:

                        Anne E. Johnson 

                        Congratulations, Anne!


  1. Hi Dawn! I saw your new blog on the IL listserve. I'm doing the Campaign as well. Good luck and have fun with the blog!

  2. Congrats to Anne, and I'm going to have to check this book out - sounds like a good one to have in my "writing how-to" collection!

  3. Congrats Anne. Hi Dawn, stopping by from the literary fiction group to say hello and hope you are enjoying the campaign;)

  4. Hi Christy! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I'm LOVING this campaign!


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