Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Last Look

     Just when I thought I was finished with my latest round of polishing, something popped into my inbox that had me second-guessing everything I'd worked on for the last several weeks. I questioned myself  enough that I'm going through the manuscript one more time before I send it back.

     If you're a regular reader of Darcy Pattison's blog, Fiction Notes, you'll know what post I'm referring to without going to the link.  Her advice on  last minute novel revisions is a good summary of the points to pay attention to as you're nearing the finish line (for the first, third, or umpteenth time).

     Are you almost ready for submission, too? Pattison's post will help you answer that question. Good luck!



  1. Nowhere NEAR ready for submission, but Darcy's advice was awesome. I'll be keeping it in mind!

  2. Oh, I'm popping over there right now to have a look. Thanks.

  3. Hello from the campaign and sorry it took so long to get here. So I read that link and don't think I missed anything. I'm ready to query. I thought I'd see campaign challenge 2 here. You have a few hours yet. If not, maybe next time. I'm number 52 and there's a chocolate contest tab for followers on my blog.

  4. I wish all I had to do to fix my current story was rid of "as" and "she hiccuped"! A lot more work needed here :)


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