Friday, September 16, 2011

The Case of the Missing Week - A Friday Five

     Wasn't it just yesterday that I posted a Friday Five? I've been lost in the land of revisions so maybe that explains the brain black-out. Anyway, here's what I'm thinking/loving/obsessing over at the moment:
  1.  I started substitute teaching again this week. I love being in the classroom; it's a constant source of inspiration for my writing.Time moves quickly at work, but during recess/specials breaks, I bring my manuscript and make revisions with a green gel pen that I'll transfer to the computer when I get home.
  2. Speaking of home, the desk is a wreck. There's no time to clean it. Once the computer gets buried, I might have to rethink that. 
  3. Many thanks to Lisa Potts for passing on a very sweet award to Here's the Story! Check out her fabulous blog here. Thanks, Lisa! 
  4. Caramel apples! We're lucky to have not one but two local places that make them daily (hey there, The Chocolatier and Cunningham's Candies!). And it's reassuring to know the Shell station even sells them if I get a late-night craving! 
  5. Bought a new camera yesterday. Nothing fancy, but it might be a few days before I can conquer the instruction manual. I'm baaaad with technology. Please note that I did figure out how to post a picture of my most recent blog award (after failed attempt last week). It only took a half hour and the computer didn't start smoking. I think I'll celebrate with a caramel apple.
                                                               Have a great weekend, everyone!


      1. Congrats, fellow Sweet Blogger winner! Sigh.... Would you believe I've never had a taffy apple?? I really do need to rectify that one post haste. Have fun with your new camera!!

      2. Well done, Dawn, on your blog award! I don't think I've ever heard of Taffy Apple's - are they like candied apple's? Sounds good, anyway:)

      3. @ Crystal & Lady Gwen: My mistake! I actually referred to them by a brand name, when they're just plain 'ole caramel apples!

      4. I still haven't read the incredibly long instruction manual for my point and shoot camera. Even Twilight is shorter. ;)

        Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't realize SF Kincaid was promoting it on Verla Kay. I haven't been there for a while.

      5. I love caramel apples! We've got a place called Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory that makes the best I've ever tasted. YUM! Now I want one.

      6. @ Stina: Luckily, my manual has pictures as well as long, technical descriptions. I can handle pictures.
        @Shannon: You just reminded me that we have a RMCF, too. I don't get over to that side of town too often. Choices, choices...

      7. Hi Dawn, congrats on the substitute teaching and the blog award! Continued good luck with the revisions =)

      8. Hey Dawn, you are a winner in my book giveaway. The Book Thief will be on its way to you if you just email me your address. (On my blog you'll find a link to my website where you'll find a contact button to email me.)

      9. Hi there, Hope you are well :-) If I've already introduced myself I apologise. I can't keep up with who I've said Hi to and who I haven't. I am in your YA Group. I'm just trying to catch up with everybody slowly but surely :-).
        Fab blog.
        Eve x

      10. Congrats on the award and OMG - I LOVE caramel apples!

      11. My desk is a wreck, too! I'll clean it one day then it'll go right back to being a wreck two days later. It drives me crazy!

        Also, I gave you another award. Swing my by blog for deets. :)


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