Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Tell-Tale Signs You're A Middle-Grade Writer

  1. The gossip you hear from your twelve-year-old is infinitely more interesting than that from your peers. 
  2. The largest genre of books on your bookshelf are written by authors whose last names are Riordan, DiCamillo, Spinelli, Wiles, Creech, and the like. 
  3. You listen to that Bieber guy for inspiration, snack on seasonal candy while writing (jelly beans, candy corn, Christmas Nerds, etc), and edit with a glitter gel pen. 
  4. Ok, maybe, just maybe bodily sounds and gross humor have some merit.
  5. The jokes you tell get a bigger reaction from the youth group you lead than your co-workers.


  1. Definitely excellent tell-tale signs! i also like those laces of sweet and sour stuff - like sour patch kids in the shape of a short shoelace!

  2. Yes, Susanna! The green apple ones are the best!

  3. YES! I can't believe someone else has even heard of these :)

  4. I think they're called Sour Straws. Love them!!

  5. I don't write middle-grade, but I'm starting to think I am one :-)

  6. So cute! Who wants to grow up, anyway?


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