Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Is It About Snow?

     I love snow. It's that simple.
     Maybe it's because a fresh blanket of snow seems so similar to a blank page with all of its promise and possibility. Maybe I like an excuse to stay inside with the finches for company at the side of my desk and the sound of the radiators humming. I like the quiet of a snow-hushed world or looking through the picture window over the computer monitor to see a male cardinal on a branch of the redbud tree, a cheery contrast to the powdered sugar-like landscape.
     Snow makes me happy, and a happy writer is a productive writer!
     Speaking of happy, thank you to Kelly Hashway for the following blog award. The award is designed to bring traffic to blogs with under 200 followers.
Here's a handful of blogs I've been following for awhile to which I'm passing the Liebster torch. If you'd so kindly check them out while you're filling your blog-reading quota for the day, I'm sure they would really appreciate it!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


    1. Dawn--thanks so much for the Liebster Award (Thinking Through Our Fingers)!

    2. Hi, I am a new follower. I received the Liebster award from Tashia (you gave her the award). Just wated to stop by and introduce myself.

    3. @ Rosalyn and Melissa: You're welcome! Nice to see you both here!

    4. Daen,
      Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! That was so kind of you! I hit 50 followers today! Hurray!

    5. Dawn, thanks for following Swagger and nominating us for the award. We appreciate you!

    6. Congratulations on your award. I loved your blog about snow. I live in California in an area that doesn't get snow (Sacramento), and most of the time I'm glad about that. But your description of the snow and the finches and cardinals and the hush was lovely. Have a wonderful time writing in such a soothing setting.

    7. @Gina, Carol, and Kim: You're welcome, ladies - my pleasure!
      @ Elizabeth: Thank you Elizabeth! I was in your neck of the woods last month (San Francisco), though I think your morning lows there were colder than our daytime highs in December! I could get very used to writing in that setting. Loved Muir Woods and our coastal drive!

    8. Love the picture. I agree that snow is conducive to writing!

    9. Love this photo with the birdhouse! I haven't seen any snow all winter, so thanks for sharing yours!


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