Friday, February 3, 2012

Autographs, Blog Hops & ABC Friday Five

   In the spirit of signing up for a blog challenge (more on that later), I'm attempting to be mildly creative with my Friday Five post. Can I find something worthy to say about my writing week with the first five letters of the alphabet? We'll see...
  1. Found an AUTOGRAPHED copy of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars at the grocery store yesterday. Yeah, that's right...the grocery store. The yellow 'Signed Copy' sticker caught my eye after the graphic black, white and blue cover. Opened it up and sure enough, his scrawled initials in black Sharpie were there. 
  2. BLOGGING. Signed up for the 'Blogging from 'A to Z' Challenge' which starts in April.  Sign up here if you're up for posting daily during the month about something relating to each letter of the alphabet (see, told you I'd fill you in).
  3. Revisions are giving me brain CRAMPS! In the process of cutting, rearranging, and rewriting, I'm wanting to SEE everything at once. Tried a Post-It arrangement on the wall (worked for the last manuscript) but have progressed to a poster board timeline with a one-line chapter summary along said timeline. Not sure it's serving the purpose but it sure is pretty.
  4. DOGS helping literacy was in the news this week. Students at Dudley Elementary School in Rocky Mount, VA read to therapy pooches and their trainers during the week. The kids get reading practice and an audience which doesn't correct their mistakes. After posting this link on Facebook, I found out that my local elementary school brings in dogs for the reading program, too. And I sub there on a weekly basis! How did I not know this?
  5. EDUCATING about 75 high school students on writing for children today. Talking to young people about my passion for writing and books is the best! 
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


    1. Nice find at the grocery store, and yeah, I get the brain cramps too! Have a great weekend yourself!

    2. I must read that book. So cool to find it in the grocery store — the new bookstore. I hear more and more people using Scrivener to organize their novels. I really need to sit down and try using it with my writing. I hear the organization is the best. Good luck with all those kids!

    3. have a great weekend and It's fun to buy books especially like this one.

    4. Sounds like a good week except for those brain cramps. Good luck as you continue to tackle revisions.

    5. I had heard about the dogs and literacy program before. (I think on the news) That is such an great idea! What a way to inspire kids to read- I'm all for that one.


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