Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking Stock and Tag, You're It!

     So I've been tagged - TWICE!  Sher A. Hart: My Best Part and Clarike Bowman-Jahn have lonnggg lists of questions on their blogs to answer. Since I'm on a roll today editing-wise, I'm combining the two lists and answering ten this morning to save time.
    As I thought about each answer, I surprised myself with some of the responses. Sometimes it's fun to reassess where you stand as a writer and what/who has influenced you along the way. Here goes:
Name your top three favorite books: This changes constantly! Right now it's Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Book Thief, and The Disenchantments.
Favorite Genre for Reading and Writing:  I read Young Adult and write Middle Grade.
Favorite Websites/Blogs That Have Helped You Develop as a Writer: and Verla Kay's Message Board.
Favorite Character You'd Like to Use in Your Own Book: Gilly Hopkins from The Great Gilly Hopkins is feisty and vulnerable, a good combination character to mix things up while keeping it real.
Have You Ever Helped a New Writer Before and What Does It Feel Like? Yes, I have. I'm a co-network rep for SCBWI-Illinois so I get to help writers in our area. Some are experienced, others are new to writing so I get to steer them (hopefully) in the right direction. It's very satisfying to offer encouragement!
Are you on Facebook or Google Plus? Both actually, but Google Plus doesn't work for me. It's redundant in my opinion. It hasn't shown me that it's any better than Facebook. I don't need another distraction so I don't use it.
What's One Item You Always Buy at the Grocery Store? Fresh strawberries! And when I find a really good sale, I cut them up and freeze them.
Where In the World Would You Like to Go? In the U.S., I have 3 more states to go to until I've visited them all - Alaska, Hawaii, and Delaware. In the world, Ireland & Scotland.
When Visiting Other Blogs, What Bothers You Most? Design. If there's too much stuff in the sidebar, too many gadgets and flashing things, I get distracted. I'm there for the writing and/or information, not the bells and whistles.
If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would it Be? I'd definitely be invisible! Then I could stare and eavesdrop on people without seeming to be a social misfit/stalker/creepy person.
     I'll tag some folks in another post. Right now the manuscript is calling my name, and I gotta listen when that happens!


  1. I too love fresh strawberries. The freshest ones I find are from the farmer's markets.

  2. Hey, we could all meet up if you and your clan get over to Scotland. We'd show you the sights and treat you to some haggis, neeps and tatties!

    1. @Nick:I'm all for meeting you and indulging in
      neeps and tatties, but I'd have to pass on the haggis, thanks!

  3. You've seen a lot more of your native country than I have of mine, and mine is way smaller!

  4. Great blog, Dawn! I'm looking forward to seeing your A-Z entries. :-)

  5. It's amazing to read it all about you. And I'm surprised to see that most of the questions which you have answered were asked by me to other writers. I like the way they have moved on.

  6. Loved reading your answers - thanks for sharing. Gilly Hopkins is one of my all-time favorite MG novels! And I like your reasoning for invisibility - that would be awesome! :)

  7. If you have time to answer any more questions, I've also tagged you at my blog! Details here:


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