Thursday, April 19, 2012


If only my manuscript's direction could be as clear...
(Grand Marais, MN, Lake Superior)
   I'm back to working on a manuscript which I left (abruptly) to do revisions on another. The new project is in the baby stages of development. I'm not even close to the rough draft starting line.
     Looking through my notes, the bare bones scenes, and bits of dialogue I've written down, I'm full of questions:
     What is driving my character to action?
     What does my character want?
     What will he/she sacrifice to get it?
     How will this change him/her?
     I'll keep these questions in mind as I flesh out the character sketches. They'll stay with me when I start the rough draft, and I'll make sure I've answered them as I go through the revision stage. If I keep asking myself these questions, my story won't leave any unanswered.
   In praise of asking questions, here's a great quote I ran across today:

     'Computers are useless. All they are good for are the answers' - Pablo Picasso


  1. Very Interesting Quote!! And Very true too :)

    Questions drive the projects well. I follow the same approach too. I wish you success!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I am in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

    Nice to meet you too!

  3. Questions do answer a lot when it comes to our stories. Keep on with them, you'll get far. Good luck.


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