Friday, May 11, 2012

Last Days, First Loves, and Pigs

     The school days are numbered here, down to the single digits. I finished my last substitute job today, and I can tell by the energy level in the classrooms that kids are ready for summer. Me too! Now that my kids are teens, I don't look forward to summer with equal parts excitement and dread. The dread part is gone because I'm not hunting for activities to keep them busy anymore. They're involved in camps, summer leagues, jobs of their own choosing, and two of the three are drivers. They're much more self-sufficient now than they were five years ago. Yet they're five years older. There's always a rub, isn't there?
     On Monday, I'm blogging about four of my first loves in Alex Cavanaugh's First Loves Blogfest. I met Alex last month through the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. He's a crazy-prolific blogger and is headmaster of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. You're just dying to know what movie, book, singer, and person hooked me good as an 8-year-old, aren't you? Come visit Monday to find out!
     Speaking of the A to Z Challenge, I've been watching which of my April posts have been most popular, according to the page views. Guess what has drawn the most hits? You'll never guess...PIGS! Yep, that's right. When I wrote about Jack, Jezebelle, and Jeffrey, whom I met at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in March, the post drew twice as much interest as, say, my post on favorite first lines or canyons. I love pigs and, apparently, so do a lot of other people.
    Also, there's still time to enter my giveaway in honor of Children's Book Week. Here's the post from earlier in the week about the details. What's the prize? Any picture book, middle grade or young adult novel of your choice ($15 limit). Be sure to check out the other blogs, too. There's over 100 participating!
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. My son is 5 and finishing Pre-K. I am looking forward to summer just because Pre-K is only 2.5 hours and seemed to get in the way more than anything else. So I had to entertain him most of the day anyway. Nothing will change except I don't have to get up and around(as in get him out of his pj's before 9am)if I don't want for a whole summer.
    The little piggy in your pic is too adorable for words. I have to give you kudos on taking care of all your kid's animals. I like animals just fine as long as I don't have them in my home or have to take care of them. Since my son doesn't even pick up his own toys...well, I am just not as kind as you are. *grin*
    Good luck on the new challenge. I need a bit more of a break before I take on another after the A to Z. That one was intense. I look forward to reading about your first loves.


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