Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Waiting to be Inspired: Nonsense

     I haven't had time for writer's block this month.
     If you read my last post, you know I gave myself a revision deadline. And missed it. By a MONTH.
     Thankfully, the manuscript is finally out of the house again. I was so looking forward to starting something new (well, an idea that I'd been playing with before the need for revisions), but life intervened.  There's been substitute jobs, travel and, most importantly, a sick family member to care for in October.
      So when I've found precious free time to write, I'm writing furiously. With so little creative time, wasting it like I usually do is not an option (no vacuous staring, trips to the food cabinet, bookshelf dusting). I'm not waiting to be inspired because I AM inspired by the limited time. 
     I found this quote recently and it cracked me up. It makes perfect sense. Writer's block is a myth.

"All this about inspiration. . . . I think writing is mainly work. Like a mechanic's job. A mechanic might as well say he was waiting for inspiration before he greased your car because if he didn't feel just right he'd miss a lot of the grease points, that he had to feel right up to it."
(E.B. White in an interview with Robert Van Gelder, The New York Times, August 2, 1942)

     Happy Writing!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Lied

     Remember back in August when I said I needed a blog break to make way for revisions, that I'd be back in September? Obviously, that didn't happen, but here's what I learned.

     Lesson #1: Revisions sometimes take on a life of their own. They don't like schedules.

     I was naive to think that these revisions would be easy. Granted, revisions are never simple, but I love revising. Instead of conjuring an entire first draft out of thin air, a story is already in place. I'm a fixer. I love to tinker and tinkering sometimes surprises me with unexpected turns. 
One of my distractions - gardens!

     Lesson #2: Remove as many distractions as possible.

     As much as it bothered me to stop blogging, I couldn't keep up with both blogging and having enough creative energy to write. But I should have looked at other areas that might distract me from revisions. Taking more substitute teaching jobs than I needed, volunteering to host a party, and washing/sealing the deck were probably not necessary last month; they could have waited.

     Lesson #3: Getting back the groove is hard.

     Like exercise, it's always hard to become motivated again whenever I take an extended period of time off. Not only was I not blogging, I wasn't keeping up with my regular blog reading/commenting, industry news, or even thinking about writing anything else. I was very focused on my revisions writing-wise, but other areas suffered. This post has taken me more than twice as long as usual to write, which makes me wonder if putting the brakes on blogging was the way to go.

     So now the revisions are finished. The manuscript is in the hands of a few readers. I await comments  to set me off on the next round of revisions. The good thing about each subsequent round is the changes are less involved (usually). There's more time for distractions (hopefully). I have books to read, posts to write, and a household full of distractions to get back to.

     How to you manage your time when drafting and/or revising?

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