Tuesday, January 22, 2013


     I am a Master of Unfinished Projects.
     That was my daughter's conclusion yesterday after she helped me clean out plastic tubs and an antique trunk filled with craft supplies.
     The room looked like the aftermath of an explosion in Hobby Lobby.
     There were dozens of bottles of acrylic paint, embroidery floss, spools of ribbon, and buttons.
     Clothespins, craft sticks and tubes of glitter glue from scout projects.
     Paper mache hearts, sequins and feathers from Sunday school class.
     Beads, a pendant, and the crimper for the necklace I never made.
     Mosaic tiles, marbles, and broken pottery for the birdbath I'll finish 'next summer'.
     A bag of yarn and crochet needles (no, I don't crochet but it's on my bucket list).
     Yards of wool that I bought at a New Hampshire woolen mill 20 years ago for the braided rug I never made. But there's hope — I still have the directions.
     Watercolor paper.
     Pom poms.
     When I need a break from writing, I buy craft supplies. I like to make stuff. Or rather I like to think about making stuff.
     Thankfully when it comes to writing, I'm more disciplined.
     I can finish manuscripts.



  1. Too funny! Glad your manuscript isn't like that...:-)

  2. Yes. It is definitely a good thing that you are disciplined with writing. Make sure you don't fall behind, as I'm sure it would be an easy thing to do.

    1. That's for sure. Even a couple of days away from writing is cause for me having to work that much harder to get back into the story.

  3. I used to do big counted cross projects. The more intricate and self-designed, the better. I probably have a lifetime supply of floss in my favorite colors. But I don't stitch anymore. It's one of those things I just had to part with because it's not a high enough priority, and almost as important is the fact that the cats would help me!

    1. I did, too, Marcia. Then I had to start wearing glasses to thread the needle and sit under a lamp to see the holes. The computer screen is easier on my eyes!

  4. I am all about finishing - I hate wasted effort =)

    1. Good for you, Ruth! I wish I were as efficient. I'd have a lot less supplies to sort through and some pretty cool projects to show off.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I have two giant bags of yarn and crochet needles from my Gram and my Great Aunt. I don't crochet either, but would also like to learn. My Aunt, who's 92 has tried to teach me a few times, but I can't seem to get past the base chain stitch. Glad we're both more disciplined with our writing!

  6. Hi Marcia,
    Although I've yet to take a class in crochet, I've paid for someone to teach to bead, paint with watercolors, and make pottery. I think I will have to sign up for a class in order to make it happen. Forking out money to learn (and use the stuff I keep buying) is a good incentive for me. I've tried to teach myself but can't even get that base chain stitch!


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