Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for DRAFTS

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    I'm always amazed at how creative people work. Be they writers, musicians, potters, or watercolor artists, it's fascinating to see the beginning stages of their projects. Creating something from a seed of an idea is extraordinary, a miracle!
     I went to an art fair last Saturday. There were 90 booths of paintings, stained glass, fiber arts, jewelry, a medium for every taste. One exhibit caught my eye: a ceramist. There were tiles of cerulean mermaids, mud-green ferns, and a panel the size of a small-window with a fantasy backdrop of faeries and fauna. But my favorite tiles were the moss-colored squares the artist had decorated with cardinals. 
     Curious about the process of making tiles, I asked what her 'first drafts' were like. She smiled and rolled her eyes, and I knew then that she felt the same way about new projects as I did — they're messy, tedious, frustrating, but necessary! 

"In writing, there is first a creating stage--a time you look for ideas, you explore, you cast around for what you want to say. Like the first phase of building, this creating stage is full of possibilities."  
                                                                                     - Ralph Waldo Emerson    


  1. How true about drafts. Even an organized person (like me) needs to jot things down in the heat f creation before they refine their work.

  2. First drafts can be messy but they can also be the start of something wonderful.

  3. I love the Emerson quote and I love first drafts even when they are messy because I know there is something in there I will eventually get to.

  4. Sometimes creating the first draft (of anything) is more fun that the finished product.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  5. A first draft can be so exciting- I often can't sit still when I get a new idea and start drafting!

  6. O that beginning stage! Necessary to get the creative juices flowing! As you say about the seed - it is extraordinary that from the seed comes the manifestation - as in acorn to a huge oak!
    Thank you Dawn for this post.


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