Monday, April 29, 2013


       Once in awhile, I'm invited by our school district to come into a class and talk about writing. Last spring, it was an organization at the high school hosting a career dar. My day involved giving the same talk to five rotating groups. I'm not a natural at public speaking, but get me talking about writing to students and I'd bore them to sleep if I wasn't given a time limit.
     I could tell some kids in the audience would rather have been back in their classrooms, heads bent over their books, pretending to read, and instead catching a few zzzz's before the bell rang for the next period. But others listened, bright-eyed and leaning forward in their seats. Seeing them, I knew if they weren't already writing their own stories, they would be soon. They had that look in their eye.
     I remember the first time I realized I could be a writer, and would be a writer someday. Mrs. Oliver invited her friend to visit our class and talk about writing. I wish I could remember who the author was,  but I do remember her standing in front of our class holding two of her books to her chest. I thought, WOW! she actually MADE that book! There was a real live person who created that very real book, and not some ambiguous name on a cover in the library. The realization was electric! I thought, I can write stories and see my name in print someday. I can do that, too!
     And that someday came true, thanks in part to an author coming to my school so many years ago.
     Who inspired you to be a writer?

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  1. I drew inspiration from other writers, but later a college professor helped me see I had potential. Congrats on 'almost' completing the a-z!! :)


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