Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for ZONE

During April, I’m blogging daily as a participant of the 
Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge (with time off on Sundays).
 Stay a minute. Read. Tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by.
     I've been in a blog post-writing mindset for each of the last 30 days at least.
     Blogging daily is hard, people! But I loved it -, loved meeting new people and favorite new blogs. But now it's time to switch focus, get back to a work-in-progress that stalled in mid-March (thus the Challenge came at a good time), and find long stretches of writing time again. I look forward to working in another kind of ZONE, a single-mindedness dedicated to one manuscript, a set of characters, a setting that I'm slowly growing familiar with. As with all first drafts, it's been a series of stops and starts; I'm anxious to finish it so I have something to start fixing (I'm much better at fixing than creating!). 
     Thank you to everyone who stopped by this month during the Challenge! 
                                                                                              Happy writing!


  1. I like revision better than writing the draft, too. And I do think blogging daily would be very hard!

  2. Good luck with the writing! I'm about to enter the writing cave myself. I'll wave to you in the dark. :)

  3. Have fun getting back into the zone. :)


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