Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bookshelf Dilemma

 You've probably seen the t-shirt, maybe in one of those museum store catalogs mailed around the holidays. It reads:
This is what FULL looks like!
      There’s no such thing as too many books.
     The first time I saw one I thought, Yeah, right. 
     Whoever came up with that lived in a library.
     With enough money in the budget to build an additional wing. 
For the past few years, I've steadily gained more books
than I've given up. To anyone who doesn't
love books, this is not a problem. So give some away, they
say. What's the big deal? 
Ohhh, but they have no idea the seriousness of that
notion, do they? Give some away like it's as
simple as recycling the morning newspaper? I want NEED
them all.
As if nine bookshelves isn't enough, I've come to realize
it's time to add another. They are full.
Books lie horizontally on top of the vertical ones. And
they're two rows deep in spots, hiding the titles
behind them.
So I've embarked on a desperate attempt to convert an old oak entertainment center into a bookshelf.The lightbulb
moment came as I moved said entertainment center into the catch-all room which is the
stopping point before it (eventually) makes it out to the curb. The piece owns a new coat of stain and
sealer, and awaits my husband to cut and install two extra shelves. But he'd better hurry: three books
made their way home with me last night after a Barnes and Noble stop. And the release of four books
later this month will need room, too.
Full shelves are good for the publishing industry, mind you. I feel no guilt. 

      And speaking of bookshelves, The Bookshelf Muse (one of the best writer sites EVER!), has moved to a new location on the web and is now Writers Helping Writers. Site overseers extraordinaires Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, authors of The Emotion Thesaurus and the soon-to-be released Positive Trait Thesaurus: a Writer's Guide to Character Attributes and its companion, The Negative Trait Thesaurus: a Writer's Guide to Character Flaws, want to assure writers that the Bookshelf Muse 'is not going away! It's just moved over to a different corner of the internet.' 
     Their two new books release October 21st. 


  1. What a great idea to re-purpose your old entertainment center. My bookshelves look like that too, but I have finally come to the place where I'm okay with letting books go. Even if I have enjoyed them. There are just so many NEW books coming out all the time. It's only the truly amazing that will bring me back for multiple reads.
    Hope your hubby gets the new shelves installed quickly. Have fun filling them!

    1. Obviously, I'm not there yet, Ruth, but good to hear that maybe there is a tipping point in my future. I'm afraid with all the books that aren't now vertical, the shelf will fill in no time!

  2. I love that loaded bookshelf! And how fitting to turn an "entertainment center" into a bookshelf. Indeed. Now if only books weren't so heavy...

    1. Clever, Marcia! 'Entertainment' center didn't occur to me, but it works!

  3. Yep. That shelf looks familiar. :) I'm lucky to be married to a woodworker, so a new bookshelf is never a very complicated request--except now we're running out of wall space...

    1. Oh, I'm so jealous! What takes my husband a half day would probably only take yours just minutes. Sounds like it's time to add on another room to your house!

  4. We're trying to get rid of some of our stuff to make room for our new baby, and one of the things my husband keeps harping on me to give away is my books. Argh! Yes, I have too many of them, but they're almost like my kids. He's crazy! ;)


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