Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Light in the Darkest of Days

    The week following Christmas brings a new mood of anticipation. After closing the cookbooks, tossing the shopping lists, and sorting closets and drawers to make room for gifts, time regains its normal rhythm, if only for a short while. The short, grey days call for reading, reorganizing, and reflection.

     As 2014 approaches, I look forward to new challenges. My middle child will graduate and move away to begin college. My oldest will be planning her wedding. I look forward to teaching a writing class and self-publishing my first novel. Making a resolutions list seems overly ambitious when I think of what the year already has in store. With such a full plate, slowing down to enjoy the moment must take precedence over checking another item off the list. Maybe slowing down should be my solitary goal.

     Will your goals give you a sense of peace and accomplishment? Did you make a list of both short- and long-term goals? How many resolutions on your list are writing-related?

     I'm hoping the new year brings you much joy and fulfillment. Cheers, my friends!




Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Drafts: When to Hold and When to Fold

     Not long ago I ditched a first draft despite reading herehere and especially here that it's a big no-no. Never, never look back before the first draft is done, they say. Push forward! Don't give up!
     I gave up. I didn't care what they said. That story was not ready to be told because a) I didn't brainstorm/outline/eatenoughchocolate before I sat down to write; b) a new idea seduced me and booted the first draft to the curb; c) I talked about it too soon, without fleshing out more details; or d) all of the above.
     Regardless of reasons, I'm 20,000+ words into a new first draft and I'm still in love with it. Each time I sit down to work, there's the same giddy anticipation I feel as when I know there's a sprinkle donut to eat with my morning coffee. I'm happy again. I'm not struggling with it. I'm having fun.
     So if I've been absent lately, now you know where I've been.
     Have you ever ditched a first draft for another writing project?

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