Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Stehekin: A Writer's Road Trip Series

     The Writer's Road Trip Series is brought to you by the Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge. This month I'm blogging daily about ideal places for an afternoon, weekend or longer stay to focus on your writing. Need a retreat to finish that manuscript? Or maybe a virtual trip to inspire a scene? Take a minute, read, imagine. And thanks for stopping by!
     At the southern tip of North Cascades National Park, Stehekin, Washington probably ranks as my #1 vacation spot of all time. There are no roads to Stehekin. You either hike in, or take a 4-hour ferry ride up Lake Chelan (2 hours on the fast boat). It's remote, quiet, and rugged. I loved that it lacked the  'touristy' aspects of vacation destinations - overpriced souvenirs, travel-worn hotel rooms, crowds. No crowds in Stehekin, unless you count the wildlife.
Stehekin Pastry Company, a 45-minute walk from our cabin
     Once you disembark from the ferry, Stehekin's one main road (gravel) takes you to the Stehekin National Park Visitors Center, past the cabins, the post office, then onto one of the most wonderful bakeries EVER about a mile up the road. There is also a log cabin-style school as well as the old one-room school, a working ranch, and a couple of bed-n-breakfasts. But driving a car in Stehekin is a luxury, only the locals have them, and the locals consist of 75 or so people who live there year round.  Mostly you just walk, especially after visiting the bakery.
     It was in Stehekin where I first started writing BINGO SUMMER, my debut middle-grade novel.


  1. I have never heard of Stehekin, but that is not surprising since I've only been to Washington State twice. It sounds like a very lovely place to visit.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous. What a wonderful getaway. It looks like the perfect place to rediscover your "center." We all need more serenity and less crazy in our lives. And that mountain view... incredible.

  3. A lovely place to visit and recharge the batteries.

  4. I knew it was a good idea to start following you when I discovered this blog on the #atozchallenge. Love what you are doing here. Thanks for this good information.

  5. Sounds like my kind of place (especially the bakery)

  6. It seems a really beautiful place. Hi from A-Z.


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