Wednesday, April 30, 2014

X, Y, Z: A Writer's Road Trip Series

   The Writer's Road Trip Series is brought to you by the Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge. In April, I blogged daily about places for inspiration. I appreciate every visitor, comment, and connection made this month. Thanks for stopping by!
     I almost did it, posting the full 26 days. Then by Sunday night, the week had already got away from me before it even started.
   For 'X' I had planned to post something on XENIA, Ohio, near Dayton, and the largest town (population 25,700) beginning with 'X' in the United States. The town was mentioned in Stephen King's The Stand as the hometown of character Dayna Jurgens, and another novel, The Talisman. Author Tom Clancy also mentioned Xenia in his 2000 novel, The Bear and the Dragon. Xenia is also known as the 'Bicycle Capital of the Midwest.'
Zion National Park (photo courtesy of NPS/Putnak)
     Since the National Parks are big in our family, we've visited YELLOWSTONE, in northwestern Wyoming, more than a few times. It's America's oldest national park, created in 1872. On our last trip there, we kept track of the number of different species we saw within 24 hours: 26 animals, including a grizzly and two cubs (from a very good distance, thank goodness!). My favorite activity? Sitting on the porch at the big lodge to watch Old Faithful erupt. 
     When I first saw ZION CANYON, Utah back in 1987, my fear of heights kicked into full gear. I had never been west of Denver before my then-fiance-now-husband and his mom took me on a three-week tour of the southwestern states. The 1,000-foot cliff faces and the guardrails separating our car from a drop of equal distance left me shaking so bad I had to lay down in the back seat. It's gorgeous country, though, and thankfully I've made it through on repeat trips without having to close my eyes. Naturally, generations of artists have tried to capture the amazing landscape, so the Zion National Park encourages this through their artist-in-residence-program.


  1. Zion looks breathtaking.

    My parents actually had a close encounter with a bear and her cubs, but in Yosemite, not Yellowstone!

    1. Yikes! A mama bear is nothing to mess with! My daughter and her fiancé came within twenty feet of one when they were in Alaska last summer. Luckily, there was a lot of dense brush between them, and the bear didn't seem to pay them any mind.

  2. Dawn, the southwest is someplace I have always wanted to go. I look at pics similar to the one you posted and I tell myself, "Someday." I sure hope Someday comes soon, because that is beautiful territory and I want to see it for myself!

  3. The whole of April got away from me - I hardly read any A to Z posts =(
    Congrats on keeping up to the challenge.


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