Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When Writing Journeys Begin

I'm decompressing after a morning of interacting with junior high students during their career fair. I love talking to kids about writing because not only are they the audience I write for (and don't most writers like connecting directly with readers?), but also because it brings me back to the very age when I started writing. And coincidentally, when I came home a while ago, and started browsing the Internet while I ate lunch, I read a very timely post at Smack Dab in the Middle about the journey of becoming a writer. It really started for me in junior high, too, after I got positive feedback from my literature teacher on a writing assignment. How many writers were born because of the encouragement and support they got from a teacher? Many, I'm sure.

A few more mentionables:

A HUGE thanks to Shelley Sly for featuring me on her blog, Stories in the Ordinary, this morning. Shelley's own middle-grade novel, WISHING FOR WASHINGTON, releases on June 18.

There's a FANTASTIC giveaway opportunity happening at Adventures in YA Publishing. The prize is a mystery box from Martina's trip to the BEA conference (full of books & fun swag, maybe?). Enter and hopefully you'll find out!

Also, my giveaway over at Goodreads is going strong. Check it out and add your name to win ONE of TEN paperback copies of BINGO SUMMER!

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  1. I can still remember when my science teacher had me get up and read a paper we'd wrote while in class(the assignment was to write a few paragraphs using the five senses in it) and she picked mine as a fav. Even though I was horribly embarrassed it made me realize I might actually have some talent in putting words together. So I can totally relate to your teacher's comment!

  2. Decompressing is a good word! I'm glad you were able to inspire some students.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! It was a pleasure featuring BINGO SUMMER on my blog.

    I started writing in elementary school, but I had a middle school teacher who read my stories and gave me encouraging feedback, so I can relate to how important middle school was for my writing journey.

  4. Great news about the giveaway. The career fair talk sounds fun too. It's great to be able to connect. Have a great weekend!


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