Friday, July 18, 2014

All Things Books: Mail, Signings, and Book Bomb 2014

   It's summer, right? Time for easing back from the crazy pace of the other nine months. To me, summer has always been a different kind of crazy. Gone is the predictable madness of school- and work-related routines. The kids are out of class, working new jobs, juggling sports camps and typical teen social stuff. The only constant in our house has been the LACK of anything routine.
     My consolation for coming home from vacation is always the pile of mail waiting for me at the post office, especially when it includes books. I was a lucky winner in Pam Torres's Goodreads giveaway earlier in the month, so her books, MADISON MORGAN: WHEN DOGS BLOG and IT'S NOT JUST A DOG, arrived while I was gone.
     I've also been busy planning a book-signing at my local library. I'm looking forward to visiting and celebrating with some of the readers who have already read BINGO SUMMER, and giving out some fun party favors for young writers. At this point, I think I'm focusing a little too much on cupcake flavors for the refreshments, but hey, priorities, right?
     Finally, if you're a middle-grade author, Ginger Lee Malacko has spearheaded BOOK BOMB 2014, which is happening this Saturday, July 19th. From her website:
     'You've heard of a photo bomb right? Well just like that stranger who pops randomly into your family vacation photos, our books could pop up anywhere, out of the blue. Surprise! Each year, on a saturday in July, authors from all over the map will leave a copy of their book somewhere for some lucky middle grader to find. It could be on a park bench, a mall food court table, a shop window ledge, a seat on the bus. It could even be stuffed inside a fire hydrant. Okay, maybe not a fire hydrant, but you get the idea. You can find out where authors have hidden their books by checking out the hashtag #mgbookbomb on twitter, the day of the drop.
     Sounds fun, doesn't it? Check out Ginger's blog for more information. 

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