Monday, August 11, 2014

Back-to-School with BINGO SUMMER: An Excerpt and a Sale

     BINGO SUMMER, a funny, heart-felt middle-grade novel, follows 13-year-old Summer Haas after her family wins the lottery, and moves to a new town when the media attention gets too crazy. Summer finds that making new friends, keeping the lottery win a secret, and staying true to herself is the biggest challenge of all. 

"In my room, I found a half-empty notebook in my desk drawer and flipped to the first blank page. I got halfway through writing a letter to Dana, but then I reread it, and I got a headache from all the complaining I did. I didn’t want to give a headache to my best friend, too.
My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Bertram, once told us to write our troubles down on paper, to make a Worry List, and then get rid of those worries by throwing the list in the garbage.  I’d done that before, when Mom and Frank were divorcing and she was too distracted to pay much attention to J.C. and me. I’d felt like I was J.C.’s mom, that my own mom had gone missing. Every day, I came home and listed my worries. Then I tore out the page, crumpled it, and banked the shot off the wall and into the garbage can. Sometimes writing stuff down worked. So I flipped to a new page in the notebook and tore it out. Instead of complaining to Dana, I’d make a Worry List." - from Bingo Summer

"I found I couldn't put the book down all weekend until I knew how it ended. I am adding this author to my "must read" list!" - Goodreads review

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