Friday, July 24, 2015

The Not-So-Amusing Writing Slump

   Actually that title is not quite accurate. A writing slump implies I'm at a loss for ideas, stuck, running on empty or in circles. On the contrary, I have a ready-for-editing manuscript, a rough draft, and an outline and first chapter of new story that beg for attention. For the past few months, I've pretty much disappeared from social media, I've been actively reading news, blogs, and posts, but not sharing my own. Writing time has been very limited since March because of a short-term job assignment and our daughter's upcoming wedding, so what little writing time I have has become exactly that - WRITING time. No Facebook diversions, tweeting, posting to the blog.  The slump can be seen in the decreased blog traffic and my activity on other sites, but creative output is very much alive. I've missed the interaction with my writer friends, but sometimes it's necessary to step away.
     I've been spending loads of time prepping for an October workshop in Austin at The Writing Barn.
Authors Matt de la Pena and Margo Rabb will be exploring narrative and character depth over four intense days. I'm so excited to finally have found time to get down there for one of the WB workshops; I hear they're fantastic. In the meantime, I've been slowly (wish I were a faster reader!) working my way through their novels - I WILL SAVE YOU and WISH YOU WERE HERE by de la Pena, and CURES FOR HEARTBREAK by Rabb.
     Hope your writing time has been fruitful, and your summer filled with new experiences to feed your muse.
                                                                                                    ~ Dawn


  1. Congratulations on focusing on your writing. Worry about blog traffic can be such a distraction. I've been neglecting one of my two blogs for the same reason: I'm working a re-write, and now that I'm into it again, it's my top priority. We writers have to protect that, despite all the emphasis these days on the "platform" stuff. Keep writing!

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