Monday, November 30, 2015

What's Happening at Here's the Story

     What's been happening at Here's the Story? Short answer: A LOT!
     My blogging is way down this year, but it's been a busy twelve months. Many non-writing related activities have seized my time: my daughter's wedding; a challenging long-term substitute teaching job, and a college graduation. On the writing front, I didn't finish NaNoWriMo but fleshed out the story at almost 30,000 words. I taught seven community ed writing classes for youth and adults this year, and developed a new youth writing class for next summer. And finally, my newest novel will be out in February (just got a peek at the new cover last night -EXCITING!)  Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll be getting the final edits back and then nailing down a release date. And sometime soon you'll see the cover which I love, love, LOVE! Can't wait to share it. 
     This coming Friday be sure to stop by at Mother Daughter Book Reviews where I'll be giving tips on how to encourage young readers to write. 
      Enjoy a blessed holiday season!
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