Monday, January 25, 2016

Within the Pages: Landry in Like (Landry's True Colors #3)

I'm happy to share author Krysten Lindsay Hager's new release, LANDRY IN LIKE, today! It's contemporary, clean-reads teen fiction, and Book 3 of the Landry's True Colors series. 
Summary: Things seem to be going well in Landry Albright’s world—she’s getting invited to be on local talk shows to talk about her modeling career, her best friends have her back, and her boyfriend Vladi has becoming someone she can truly count on…and then everything changes. Suddenly it seems like most of the girls in school are into hanging out at a new teen dance club, while Landry just wants to spend her weekends playing video games and baking cupcakes at sleepovers. Then, Yasmin McCarty, the most popular girl in school, starts to come between Landry’s friendship with Ashanti. Things take a turn when Yasmin tells Vladi that Landry is interested in another boy. Can Landry get her relationships with Ashanti and Vladi back or will she be left out and left behind?
I wanted to call my friends and tell them about being on the talk show, but Mom said we had to be at the TV station super early — even before school started. She said I could text them, but I had to turn off my phone and go to bed. 
“I’m waking you up at four a.m.,” she said. “You have to be there at five-thirty.” 
“Can I just call Peyton and Ashanti? Please?” 
“Fine, but you have five minutes and then that phone is mine and you’re in bed.” 
I dialed Peyton, but her mom said she was in the shower. I told her mom about the show tomorrow and said my mom wouldn’t let me stay up any later to call Peyton back. 
“How exciting! I will make sure Peyton knows, and I will be watching you tomorrow. Good luck, honey,” Mrs. Urich said. 
I called Ashanti next and told her. 
“Get out. Get. Out. No way. This is so exciting!” 
“I’m so nervous. My stomach is already doing cartwheels. I can’t do one, but my stomach can. Seems unfair. What if I throw up before I go on? I did that right before I went on at the statewide IngĂ©nue modeling competition in Detroit, and my mom had to give me a cough drop to cover up the smell.” 
 “I’m sure you’ll be fine, but… just in case, take a cough drop with you,” Ashanti said. “Good luck. You’ll be great and I’ll go set the DVR now.”
 I hung up and sent a text to Vladi, India, Devon, Thalia, Tori, and Ericka, so no one would be mad and feel left out. Then I shut off my phone. Mom poked her head in the door to make sure I was in bed. 
“Night, hon. Try to get some rest,” she said.
Easier said than done. I stared at my ceiling while thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong tomorrow. Seeing as the show was on in the morning, I never got to watch it, so I had no idea what the set was like — did it have super high chairs and I’d struggle to get into them? And what if it had those higher stools that were kind of tippy and my rear overshot the seat and I fell off? Or what if the prep questions got lost and the interviewer asked me random things like my feelings on nuclear war or asked me about some foreign political leader who I had never heard of before, and I appeared stupid? Why did I say I’d do this? I tried to get comfortable and it felt like I had just dozed off when I felt my mom shaking my shoulder.
“Rise and shine, TV star,” she said.

Purchase Landry in Like here:

About the Author: Krysten Lindsay Hager is the author of the Landry’s True Colors Series, a clean reads young adult series and the new ​Star Series. Krysten writes about  friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, middle school and high school, frenemies, modeling, crushes, values, and self-image in True Colors, Best Friends…Forever? And Landry in Like, as well as in, Next Door to a Star (Star Series). Her sequel to Next Door to a Star will be out March 22 2016.
Krysten is a book addict who has never met a bookstore she didn’t like. She’s worked as a journalist and writes YA, MG, humor essays, and adult fiction. She is originally from Michigan and has lived in Portugal, South Dakota, and currently resides in southwestern Ohio where you can find her reading and writing when she’s not catching up on her favorite shows. She received her master’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint. 

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Upside of Down

    I'm happy to finally share with you the cover for my next middle-grade novel, THE UPSIDE OF DOWN, coming out February 9th!
   I had tremendous fun working with Michael James Canales at MJC imageworks on this cover. Seeing a designer's vision of my story is one of my favorite parts of publishing. I love the collaborative process, and Michael's final version of this cover was thrilling to witness. 
     Here's the blurb:
     Hobbs Crane doesn’t like distractions. He lives for football, rules the basketball court, and does his best to avoid the neighbor girl with the Jupiter-sized crush on him. With a new kid out to steal his starting basketball position, Hobbs needs to feel in control again. Then Hobbs finds a boy living inside a giant blue spruce on an empty city lot who becomes the biggest distraction of all. How long has he been there? Where did he come from? And why does he seem to be following Hobbs?
    The boy named Up is in survival mode. Leaving his real name and a neglectful home life behind, Up is running away to Florida to find his older sister who left home years ago. But he’s hungry and desperate, and he finds the overgrown evergreen next to the old factory the perfect hideout until he makes a plan. 
    Can Hobbs and Up help each other face their own uncertain futures while forging an unlikely friendship? Or are they too different?

     Stay tuned for the first chapter reveal and a BIG giveaway next month. Yay!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Month of Reading

     It seems all I've been doing lately is reading. I'm not complaining. Aside from reading some of the books I bought over Christmas break, there are books I'm reading for review, manuscripts for an upcoming workshop, new content I'm writing/proofreading for the newsletter, this blog, and my new release next month. 
     At the moment, I'm in one of those gluttonous, non-stop reading sessions with a book called GARDEN SPELLS because I've found a new author I love—Sarah Addison Allen. It's magic realism at its finest. 
     Also on the subject of books, I'm taking part in another giveaway sponsored by Bookhounds. I'll be announcing the winner here at the end of the month. And sorry, international friends, I can only ship books within the U.S. this time. Make sure you visit the other blogs participating when you are finished here. Thanks for visiting!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Wish for 2016: Peace, Prosperity and Great Stories

Whoa! Where did 2015 go? Not too long ago I was marking the beginning of the last year of my fifth decade (I can hear your thinking gears humming!), shopping for wedding decorations with my daughter, and starting a school year of 'lasts' (last first day of high school, last football game, etc.)  for my youngest son.

Yet 'lasts' and the past make way for beginnings, too. That's why I love January. Even though we're deep into winter here in central Illinois (though it's been a balmy one so far), it's a time to start over,  to hang up another calendar and turn to the first page of a new year. Refresh, dream big, and take the challenges head on. You have my best wishes for a fantastic 2016!
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