Friday, June 9, 2017


I love that word, especially when it's related to the manuscript that's dogged me for the last two years.  The drafting, revising, workshopping, and critiquing has all come together and allowed me to feel confident enough to type 'The End' on the last page and mean it!

Here's a little hint at what the
next book involves. Yum!
In other bookish/writing news, I'm over at Lia London's blog today for a fun interview and a never-seen-before photo of high school me interviewing Chicago Cub Ryne Sandberg back in the day. It was taken during a 'Meet the Press' day for high school newspapers. Good times!

Also, I'm reading the Newbery Honor book, One Came Home, by Amy Timberlake, and loving it.  It's full of mystery, humor, and a fascinating account of the passenger pigeon population during the late 1800s. Next up is Donald Maas's The Emotional Craft of Fiction.

What are you reading?


  1. Congratulations on finishing your ms. I know when you get to the point that you can't find anything else to improve you are ready to start submitting. I have five projects at that point and I plan to spend the next two months querying.

    I'm reading Cheryl Klein's book Magic Words and doing the assignments with it. I'm also reading a series of NF books for a publishing house. They are all written by Stephanie Bearce.

  2. Thank you! And my goodness, five projects ready for submission? Good luck!
    I forgot Cheryl Klein had a new writing book out. I'll have to get ahold of that. Really enjoyed her last one.


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