Can a student athlete and a runaway help each other face their own uncertain futures or are they too different? 

Hobbs Crane doesn’t like distractions. He lives for football, rules the basketball court, and does his best to avoid the neighbor girl with the Jupiter-sized crush on him. With a new kid out to steal his starting basketball position, Hobbs needs to feel in control again. Then Hobbs finds a boy living inside a giant blue spruce on an empty city lot who becomes the biggest distraction of all. How long has he been there? Where did he come from? And why does he seem to be following Hobbs?

The boy named Up is in survival mode. Leaving his real name and a neglectful home life behind, Up is running away to Florida to find his older sister who left home years ago. But he’s hungry and desperate, and he finds the overgrown evergreen next to the old factory the perfect hideout until he makes a plan. 
Can Hobbs and Up help each other face their own uncertain futures while forging an unlikely friendship? Or are they too different?

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248 pages

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A New School, New Friends and a Secret

     On her thirteenth birthday, Summer Haas scratches the lottery ticket that her mom tucked into her birthday card and the down-on-their-luck family become instant millionaires. When the attention gets crazy in their small, southern Illinois town, the family moves north to the Chicago suburbs. Summer’s new home might as well be on the Moon, it’s so different from where she used to live.
     Suddenly, Summer is a candidate for student council, trades her t-shirt and jeans for mall-brand clothes, and throws a party for her entire 8th-grade class even though she didn't invite a single guest. Everyone wants Summer to be someone other than herself. Can Summer fit it AND stay true to herself?

Available in e-book and print
278 pages
Grade 4 and up

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 “Dawn Malone’s writing style flows well and is easy to read. It’s easy to picture the people and places she’s writing about.  Bingo Summer is not only a good story but it emphasizes the importance of accepting ourselves for who we are and that we’re not going to be happy if we try to be someone we’re not… I definitely recommend Bingo Summer for readers 10 and up.” 
- Bound4Escape Reviews
'Good grapes, but this is a fun story that was well-written. It was satisfying to see how Summer dealt with things beyond what a normal 13-year-old deals with. This would be a good choice for a youth book club.' - Sheryl Librarian, Amazon review

“I found Bingo Summer to be well written and identifiable. Lottery winnings aside, young readers will be able to relate with Summer’s struggles. At one time or another all of us have lost our way and possibly been untrue to ourselves. Summer shows us, it’s never too late to rediscover who we really are. Bingo Summer is an enjoyable read, perfect for any tween.” - BeachBoundBooks


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